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Into the Realm of an Upbeat Tragedy

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I am currently a graduate student hoping to get my M.A in English which will put me one step closer to becoming the boring and crusty English teacher that I am destined to become. I am focusing on studying rhetoric/composition and TESL.

As an undergraduate, I double majored in English and Psychology which has made me much more anal than anyone in their proper mind should be.

On almost every Friday, I post five songs that I was really into that particular week. I do this to have a Friday five and because it gives people and idea of what I have been listening to.

I read A LOT most of the time. I am incurable bibliophile and I WILL write A LOT about books in this blog.

Movies are also a regular part of my life, and for the most part, I like to watch different types of movies as far as genres go. I have become very much fascinated by silent film as of late. I also enjoy watching foreign films, particularly Spanish language films and films from Asia.

I usually blame most of my problems on coconut milk.

Recently, I have also been using this blog to write about school, and even about my personal feelings and thoughts about life and such. Writing about such matters often allows me to make sense of life, or at least come closer to making sense of things.

And some of these entries often do become very bloated, but that’s why LJ cut was invented. As a general rule, I tend to LJ cut long rambling entries, whether or not they are personal because I am considerate like that. ;)

Some of my entries are incredibly trivial and silly, but sometimes one needs to act silly online to get through the day.

A lot of entries have random subject headings which are usually taken from books, songs, or movies. It’s basically my attempt to share sentences that I found interesting or amusing with others.

Oh, and for the record, I LOVE smileys! They are like a virtual extension of my soul! :D

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