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[Sep. 8th, 2012|02:49 pm]
We got a Lincoln Vampire Killer movie.

Can we get a Grant Badass Film? :P

title or description

[User Picture]From: shecountscrows
2012-09-08 11:06 pm (UTC)
a buddy of mine, as part of a drawing project, just drew Taft as Shaft.
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[User Picture]From: orpheus78
2012-09-08 11:17 pm (UTC)
Taft? One of my profs wrote a bio on him! :D


Dude, lol, (sorry I am from California so I have to call everyone a dude) or rather dudette, I think the NHL is going into lockout! >:(
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[User Picture]From: shecountscrows
2012-09-09 05:44 am (UTC)
yeah, no kidding! Eugh. We are seriously canceling our cable because of it, lmao. It's too expensive, we barely watch it, for the past year I've only kept it for the hockey.
Lock out = cable's out.

Matt: tell him about the winter classic!
The deal they signed, the league can walk away from the game right up until game time. They have the right to cancel it, right up until the puck drops from the ref's hand. How's that for bargaining in good faith, lol? That tells me the league ...long story short, I think Bettman's trying to break the union.
And it's too bad because hockey was finally on it's way back

Miss: It was a long march back since the mid 90's

Matt: exactly, this is a huge step backwards

Miss: gaaagh....Oscar, thoughts?
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[User Picture]From: orpheus78
2012-09-11 06:29 am (UTC)
Thoughts? Meh. I don't use that kind of language in decent company. Haha! :P

Seriously, I am still upset that we lost an ENTIRE season, and for what, the owners "won" that disagreement, but many have found loopholes to continue circumventing the cap, and overplaying the players.

I certainly don't side with the owners, yeah, the players are overpaid just to play a game, but they are like anyone else, and will take a lot of money given the chance.

I don't really know what Bettman's intentions are, but this is the third work stoppage that will happen in his regime. There's something wrong, no?

And Hockey doesn't have the same popularity than other sports, so this can certainly hurt its long term popularity. But you know how it goes, real fans, will almost always come back.

And I get you with the cable thing. ;)
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