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This Week's Friday Five! [Sep. 21st, 2012|11:52 pm]
Top 5 Fleetwood Mac Songs

1. "The Chain"
2. "Tusk"
3. "Gold Dust Woman"
4. "Landslide"
5. "Over My Head"

Haha! [Sep. 17th, 2012|01:51 am]
[Current Mood |cynicalcynical]

I decided that with the money I am saving thanks to the NHL lockout I am going to buy a dinosaur. :P

So Today... [Sep. 16th, 2012|03:28 am]
[Current Mood |awakeawake]

I went to a yearly ‘20’s festival and unlike last year, I was able to get tickets to the Silent Films. Watched a Laurel & Hardy short, and Andy Gump short, and one whose name I can’t remember, haha. It’s a 2 day thing so I am probably going there tomorrow and catching a Buster Keaton short that I didn’t get to see.

And there was a fashion show. And other stuff which I will have to catch tomorrow.
And there’s a mausoleum where the family of the guy who used to own the land is buried. Haha! And they had a guided tour, and I went inside and it creeped me out because there are like 20 bodies resting there. And I asked the tour guide about Brown, that is, the guy who is and whose family is buried there if he was Irish, lol, only because the burial site seemed Catholic, and the tour guide told me no, he was English, but married a Mexican/Spanish woman and he converted to Catholicism hence the burial. Makes sense. Most of the local land here, think late 1800’s early 1900’s was owned by Spanish or English people.

Weird. I am so not a religious person, haha, but I am half Latino and culturally Catholic, and went I walked out of the Mausoleum, I did the father, the son, and holy ghost finger crossing across my face . I didn’t do it towards a God, but rather, just out of respect for the people resting there.

So, um, yeah, that was my day, how was your day?
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Today's Question [Sep. 13th, 2012|01:36 am]
[Current Mood |amusedamused]

So does every great physicist have to be a nutcase?
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(no subject) [Sep. 8th, 2012|02:49 pm]
We got a Lincoln Vampire Killer movie.

Can we get a Grant Badass Film? :P

title or description
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I wish everybody spoke Spanish! [Sep. 2nd, 2012|06:04 pm]
But this has subtitles!


Oh, um! [Sep. 1st, 2012|07:52 pm]
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Today's video! [Aug. 31st, 2012|08:59 pm]
[Current Mood |depresseddepressed]

She's high here, right, I know one of mine, when I see one, but still. Poor woman, the world didn't give you enough time.

This Week's Friday Five! [Aug. 31st, 2012|07:20 pm]
[Current Mood |amusedamused]
[Current Music |Fun Boy Three- Our Lips are Sealed]

Clint Eastwood's Top 5 Films

5. Gran Torino
4. Hang 'Em High
3. Dirty Harry
2. The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.
1. The Unforgiven

I don't think you can handle this! [Aug. 25th, 2012|07:46 pm]
My top five dreams.

5. Watch Vertigo on the Big Screen. Done!

4. Get Drunk on Barardi in Puerto Rico. Done.

3. Duet on Bootylicious with Destiny's Child. Undone.

2. See the L.A Kings win the Stanley Cup. Done.

1. Write the great American novel. Undone.

3 out of 5 ain't bad?

I wanna go back to and visit Puerto Rico!! [Aug. 25th, 2012|07:34 pm]

I Love Los Angeles! [Aug. 25th, 2012|05:52 pm]
And the Kings!!


Another Translation! [Aug. 23rd, 2012|08:26 pm]

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If I where a Rich Man! [Aug. 23rd, 2012|07:36 pm]

Meh! [Aug. 20th, 2012|08:35 pm]
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Heh! [Aug. 20th, 2012|07:22 pm]
[Current Mood |bitchybitchy]

I am too lazy too translate. Read moreCollapse )

Said translation was rough, but I tried my best, lol!

OK! [Aug. 20th, 2012|06:53 pm]
[Current Mood |weirdweird]
[Current Music |Human League-All I Ever Wanted ]

Because I am weird and crazy, lol, I am going to try to reconnect with peeps who have left Livejournal. Sorry for being intrusive. I just miss hearing from some peeps. :(

You Wanna Know Why? [Aug. 20th, 2012|05:22 pm]
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This Week's Friday Five! [Aug. 17th, 2012|08:09 pm]
[Current Mood |amusedamused]
[Current Music |Meat Puppets-Hundred Miles]

Top 5 David Cronenbeg Films

1. The Brood (1979)
2. Videodrome (1983)
3. The Fly (1986)
4. Dead Ringers (1988)
5. Naked Lunch (1991)
6. Eastern Promises (2007)

I cheated, lol, and did 6! :P

Anybody hear about this? [Aug. 16th, 2012|08:53 pm]
[Current Mood |amusedamused]

I was reading this book and it mentioned a story about a talking Moongose, Gef!

Strange, funny, and creepy at the same time!
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(no subject) [Aug. 14th, 2012|08:48 pm]
title or description

"Hey! Dude! Do you know if we can get Wi-fi reception here?"

(no subject) [Aug. 14th, 2012|05:18 pm]
[Current Mood |geekygeeky]

The Drunkard's Walk: How Randomness Rules Our LivesThe Drunkard's Walk: How Randomness Rules Our Lives by Leonard Mlodinow

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

With Leonard Mlodinow’s The Drunkard s Walk, we get an examination of randomness, which in reality, affects our daily lives, but some people might avoid thinking about such in favor of the idea that they are in control of their lives or that there is some sort of destiny underlying the world. Mlodinow takes this debate and heads towards the idea that randomness serves as an underlying force that becomes easier to understand with a closer look at the science of probability math. The use of math is straightforward, and for many might serve as a refresher course for concepts learned in school. As important as the mathematical arguments used in the book are, arguably, the strength of the book is Mlodinow’s ability to incorporate so much history regarding how these mathematical concepts arose, the history of the people to put forth these concepts, and how their personal lives and era encouraged them to find mathematical solutions to variety of problems and concerns. Full of anecdotes, past and present, the book provides an illuminating look at how probability math has shaped one’s understanding of randomness and its effect that it continues to have in our lives, and thus, illustrating the importance of appreciating the random good things in one’s lives that could had easily not been there.

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The BirdsThe Birds by Camille Paglia

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Camille Paglia’s devotes an entire book on Hitchcock’s The Birds. One of the obvious challenges in dealing with a film that has been written about countless of times is to find something different here to say. Here, Paglia is concerned with discussing the history of the film, chronicling the entire plot and characters, all while providing and illuminating discussion and making the film experience her own. She does focus on the female aspects on the film, but with an obvious admiration of the film, which enables her dissect the film’s gender implications and suggest food for thought regarding what the film attempts to say about the women in the film and their role within society and family. Reading this book, ultimately, resembled revisiting an old classic with a film watching companion whose discussion and thoughts make the watching experience better.

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Total Recall Remake? [Aug. 4th, 2012|11:31 pm]
[Current Mood |contemplativecontemplative]
[Current Music |Prince-When Doves Cry]

I am going with a no? I mean this, ugh, looks so devoid of fun, like really?

Funny, this, or rather these films were taken from a Philip K Dick story about remembering it for you on wholesale, haha.

But it’s funny, because Dick was a drug addict, and I saw said story as a metaphor for addiction, sit somewhere, get connected/wire, and now you can go to this fantasy world where you will be you and the world would be it, well, except, that you would be a better you and the world would be a better world. Addicts feel like this, they can take their substance, and go to a fantasy world where they and the world are better.

But to the original, it’s one of those films that I saw as a kid, and maybe one the last few really great Arnie films? It was such a great crowd pleaser. But like I said, this new one seems so devoid of fun, at least from what I’ve seen.

Dunno, my favorite film based on a Dick work is still Blade Runner. One of my profs, who was awesome, but I didn’t quite agree with on a lot of things said Blade Runner was heavily flawed because it left the real/false themes that are so explicit in the novel out of the film. The complexity regarding what is real. Yeah, but it’s a really good, I mean, a great film, let’s not nitpick, haha.

But one scene from the book that I wish would’ve stayed in the film was this spider scene. In the world of the novel, almost all animals have become extinct, so when these androids see this real spider are amazed, and then one of the females kills it, this one of the last few spiders possibly left alive.

It made me sad. And it’s funny, because a lot of people have spider phobias, but I don’t. But still, I mean if it might be one of the last spiders on earth, would you really kill it?

I think Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep as hinting like that short story, that one day, only machines would be left, but they would be in a guise of humans and animals.
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A video [Aug. 2nd, 2012|08:28 pm]
Cause a gradparent of mine died not too recently..

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Today's song! [Aug. 2nd, 2012|06:37 pm]

And [Aug. 2nd, 2012|05:20 pm]
Here is the poem is question, which I might have posted here before.


Rio de Janeiro

The sun is blazing and the sky is blue.
Umbrellas clothe the beach in every hue.
Naked, you trot across the avenue.

Oh, never have I seen a dog so bare!
Naked and pink, without a single hair . . .
Startled, the passersby draw back and stare.

Of course they’re mortally afraid of rabies.
You are not mad; you have a case of scabies
but look intelligent. Where are your babies?

(A nursing mother, by those hanging teats.)
In what slum have you hidden them, poor bitch,
while you go begging, living by your wits?

Didn’t you know? It’s been on all the papers,
to solve the problem, how they deal with beggars?
They take and throw them in the tidal rivers.

Yes, idiots, paralytics, parasites
go bobbing in the ebbing sewage, nights
out in the suburbs, where there are no lights.

If they do this to anyone who begs,
drugged, drunk, or sober, with or without legs,
what would they do to sick, four-leggéd dogs?

In the cafés and on the sidewalk corners
the joke is going round that all the beggars
who can afford them now wear life preservers.

In your condition you would not be able
even to float, much less to dog-paddle.
Now look, the practical, the sensible

solution is to wear a fantasia.
Tonight you simply can’t afford to be a-
n eyesore. But no one will ever see a

dog in mascara this time of year.
Ash Wednesday’ll come but Carnival is here.
What sambas can you dance? What will you wear?

They say that Carnival’s degenerating
—radios, Americans, or something,
have ruined it completely. They’re just talking.

Carnival is always wonderful!
A depilated dog would not look well.
Dress up! Dress up and dance at Carnival!

—Elizabeth Bishop

Ugh! [Jul. 31st, 2012|07:13 pm]
I still keep having nightmares! :O
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It's not easy... [Jul. 27th, 2012|07:06 pm]
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I posted this a year ago [Jul. 16th, 2012|06:27 pm]
The L.A Kings got eliminated again.

But still.

I didn't give up on them!

Godzilla!!!! [Jul. 16th, 2012|04:23 pm]
So many sorry interpretations and dubbing of Godzilla films have appear in the U.S (not that I am hating those early dubs have made a fan), but when I heard that the Oppenheimer speech was mentioned in that preview and people shook, well, because previous American adaptations were too hesitant to mentioned we nuked them and gave them that fear that nuclear monstrosities were going to rise from the sea...

Yeah, I am looking forward to it.

The first bomb might have ended the war (enough evidence suggest the Japanese wanted to surrender before that)

The Second was showing off...

A real true guilt ridden perspective of Godzilla instead of the typical white washed American washed version? Count me in!

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